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BELOTERO BALANCE is an FDA-approved dermal filler that is used to fill in the moderate and deep age lines of the face to restore a more youthful look. It is one of the lightest dermal fillers available on the market and can also be ideal to address the tiny lines around the corners of the eyes and around the lips.

Made from a non-toxic hyaluronic acid gel, BELOTERO is designed to fill in the hollow spaces in the face and provide the shape and cushioning the face needs to look fuller and healthier. In terms of functioning, BELOTERO is similar to Juvederm® and Restylane®. However, compared to these, BELOTERO is much lighter on the skin and offers a very subtle yet nuanced effect. Since the BELOTERO dermal filler is so light on the skin, doctors can easily inject larger quantities of it into the skin without there being a risk of unwanted lumps in the skin.

The BELOTERO BALANCE treatment is designed to help the face regain its smooth and youthful appearance. The treatment process is quite simple. First, patients consult with Dr. Gill in our office in The Woodlands to identify the areas of the face that need the BELOTERO treatment. During this consultation, patients describe their aesthetic goals to Dr. Gill and he examines their lines and wrinkles. He is then able to recommend this or another treatment.

Next, Dr. Gill injects a predetermined amount of the BELOTERO gel into selected portions of the face using a fine-gauge needle. The entire procedure is minimally invasive and involves little to no pain. Anesthesia is not required. The BELOTERO BALANCE treatment is a one-hour treatment designed to give volume and shape to the face. Once the hyaluronic acid gel is injected into the skin, the treated areas of the skin look fuller and healthier. The gel gives better contours to the skin while reducing lines and wrinkles. No recovery period is necessary, so patients can go back to their daily routine immediately. Excessive movement of the face is discouraged for a time. Minor redness and swelling may be visible, but these disappear in a few hours.

BELOTERO can address a number of types of lines and wrinkles: • Smile lines • The nasolabial folds • Frown lines • Vertical lip lines • Chin wrinkles • Glabellar lines • Marionette lines.

To get started with your  treatment, contact the office of Dr. Paul Gill and arrange a consultation. Dr. Gill is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and a great deal of skill. Dr. Gill will be happy to answer any questions you may have.